Kherson, Ukraine: The Definitive City Travel Guide

Kherson, Ukraine: The Definitive City Travel Guide
Founded on the orders of Catherine the Great, Kherson in Southern Ukraine has a proud and noble history, one chiefly orientated around the city being one of the Russian Federation’s and more latterly Ukraine's leading shipbuilding centers.

However, while Kherson is still largely a leading industrial city in Ukraine, it is also one of the areas greenest. Surrounded my lush forests and rolling countryside, the Kherson region itself is home to several nature reserves, picturesque riverside expanses, healing fresh water springs, and fantastic beaches.

A Leading Ukrainian Holiday Destination 

Because of Kherson’s location at the end of the Dnieper, the longest river in Ukraine, Kherson has emerged in recent years as a leading resort center. Served by it’s own international airport, the city attracts tourists from all over the world who wish to sample the atmosphere and ambiance of one of Ukraine’s quieter and yet still increasingly cosmopolitan cities. 

Perfect for Those who Feel Intimidated by Busier Resorts 

Of course, in the west, one resort city almost always feels like every other. Worse, bustling crowds of tourists often succeed in wrecking many local places genuine character and atmosphere. Kherson however, is different.

There are few international chain hotels in Kherson. This being the case, a popular part of the city for tourists to base themselves in often proves to be the downtown area near the city’s Ushakova and Suborova streets. Here tourists will find a plentiful supply of charming authentic hotels. In like regard, all essential amenities such as ATMs, banks, restaurants, museums, bars and places of cultural interest are in easy walking distance.  

Safety & Language 

A relatively safe and quiet city, Kherson has avoided being caught up in the unrest which has engulfed many other parts of Ukraine in recent years. However, some tourists will find that navigating the city can be difficult without a basic grasp of the local language. In fact, relatively few restaurants and bars will even have so much as an English-language translated menu. 

However, in many cases this only adds to the charm of a holiday in Kherson. Even better, such difficulties are easily overcome with the help of a local female entourage who can help you navigate the city with the utmost ease just like the locals do.