Kherson Hotels & Apartments for Rent

Kherson Hotels & Apartments for Rent
If you are traveling to Kherson in Southern Ukraine, you will likely be in search of the most comfortable and affordable accommodation available. In this respect, Kherson has a variety of high-quality hotels and private holiday rentals perfectly suited to both long and short stay travelers.

Located near the famous Askaniya Nova Nature Reserve, accommodation in Kherson ranges from privately owned and operated city center flats and apartments, to boutique hotels catering for all tastes and levels of convenience. In many cases, these are located close to iconic places of interest such as the Kherson Fortress and the Cathedral of Catherine the Great. Even better, most if not all Kherson private holiday rental apartments are equipped with all modern conveniences such as air conditioning, wifi and satellite TV systems.

Khersons Best Hotels 

Are you looking for the best hotels in Kherson in which to base yourself? If so, you may want to consider an establishment such as the centrally located Optima Hotel. Opened in April 2014, the Optima is located on 43 Ushakova Avenue. This puts this 3 star establishment within easy walking distance of several city parks and Kherson’s bustling downtown district. In like regard, the hotel itself features every western convenience which both holiday makers and business travelers will require while staying in the city for any length of time.

In like regard, the Hotel Diligence is just as centrally located and is often remarked on by international tourists for maintaining a high standard of service and cleanliness.

Booking a Private Apartment  

Would you like to experience Kherson in much the same way as the locals do? If so, letting an apartment for a length of time is a great way to do this. Just remember to book with a reputable agency. This being the case, feel free to reach out to us today for help and advice in regard to booking accommodation in some of Kherson’s highest quality holiday rental properties.