Kherson Bars, Nightclubs & Leading Restaurants

Kherson Bars, Nightclubs & Leading Restaurants
If staying for any length of time in Kherson, you will no doubt want to immerse yourself in the city’s best restaurants, not to mention sample the areas local bars and nightlife. The only question is, what kind of entertainment are you in search of? Kherson after all, has a variety of bars and nightclubs suitable for almost all tastes and interests.

Bars & Restaurants

Considered by many to be Kherson’s leading bar and restaurant, Corbett is situated just across from a picturesque city park in Kherson’s Suvorovsky district. Family friendly and open until late, Corbett is particularly praised among foreign visitors to the city, due to the fact that the bar and restaurant serves a variety of traditional and western European themed dishes. 

Embodying a distinctly ‘British Pub’ atmosphere, a dedicated terrace allows diners to eat while looking out over the city surrounds, and pairs the very best of informal dining with great service, variety, and overall ambiance.

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Grand Cafe Sandro

Are you in search of a more authentic Ukrainian dining experience? If so, Grand Cafe Sandro might be for you. Situated in the center of Kherson, the staff at Grand Cafe Sandro speak both English and Ukrainian and delight in serving a variety of mouthwatering local delicacies. Just be careful to book or arrive early, as this restaurant is particularly popular with both locals and foreign expats. 


Looking for the place for the most explosive nightly party in Kherson? If so, Smak, situated on Kherson’s Pryvokzalna Square near the city’s central train station might be for you. A casual bar by day, Smak is renowned among locals and tourists for becoming one of the city’s most thriving and exciting nightlife destinations as soon as evening approaches. From spectacular shows to fine wine and scented tobacco chill out areas, Smak has literally something for almost everybody and is definitely a must for anyone wishing to party and unwind like the locals do.


Featuring western and oriental cuisine, Amigo located on the intersection of Patona and Shengeliya Street in Kherson is the place for those looking for a more lively party atmosphere. From dance and trance to hosting leading Ukrainian entertainment acts, Amigo promises a fun filled night out to both locals and foreigners alike.

Of course, there are many more popular local eateries and nightlife hotspots in Kherson. This being the case, always make sure to enquire with your hotel (or date) in regard to where they might be able to recommend for great food and great evening entertainment. 

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